EATEN will soon be on bookshelves across Newfoundland & Labrador

This is exciting. I’ve just made a deal with the primary distributor of books and magazines across Newfoundland and Labrador to carry the paperback version of EATEN.

It’s rare for a self-published novel to get into brick-and-mortar stores in a big way but this distributor is convinced my polar bear attack thriller will be a good seller with locals and tourists alike.

This means that within a few weeks, EATEN could be available across the province, even in small towns that don’t have dedicated bookstores – local general stores and groceries, as well as pharmacies that usually carry books and magazines.

Just in time for the tourist trade that starts in April and May (for viewing icebergs).


Interest will likely be high in the area after an interview with me was published in several local newspapers at the end of January (originally in the Northern Pen out of St. Anthony on the 25th, as shown below; reprinted later in The Labradorian and The Pilot (out of Lewisporte), which serves the region that includes Fogo Island, where much of the action in EATEN takes place).

Northern Pen_thriller_25 Jan 2016 front page

That Northern Pen interview was done before news of a polar bear onshore on Fogo Island was reported in late January and before multiple bears onshore on the Labrador coast between mid-January and early February came to light. Polar bear awareness is high across the province – perfect timing for my polar bear attack novel to hit local bookshelves.

Northern Pen_thriller_25 Jan 2016 front page lg B1

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